Sex yesterday


Ok ladies so i had a sex yesterday with my love... im 19 and ive been doing sex from 16.

Ok its really shy movement but yesterday i was drunk and i dont remember any single shit we did just a little little movements.

My bf is 37 and i do enjoy sex with him he did it twice first before drinking and the other one after , honestly speaking he make me satisfied be makes me go wild he makes me shout he slaps me he do it as harder as he can.

First we went in bed he started wet and wild kissing then he took his hand slowly in my pants and did finguring with all his effort then he put his tiger inside me and made me cry 💦💦

Than he started doing anal almost everyday it hurts but yesterday it was so so so pleasurable that first time i enjoyed this hard anal sex,

This sex lasted by one and a half hour than he took me in his arms and we slept❤️❤️

The first ever sex ao satisfying for me...