My 7 week old has been awake since 3:49pm...


It’s currently 8:50pm and my 7 week old has been awake since 3:49pm.

She’s been fighting sleep soooo bad for about five days now and everyday it’s the same: between 4-11pm she’s got some serious fomo.

It’s getting to the point it’s effecting her night sleep. She was getting some decent hours the first half of the night (4-5 to be exact) - with one middle of the night feeding and another early morning feeding before an early morning “nap”.

Last night she was up 3x before I gave up trying to go back to sleep at 6:30am at the 4x (so she was up every 1-2 hours and the first time she woke up I couldn’t get her back to sleep for 2 hours).

The crazy thing is, from 4-7:30 she’s completely content and barely cries. Then around 8pm shit hits the fan and she’s super fussy and no matter how many times we get her down she pops back up 5 minutes later.

As of right now she’s only had 9 hours of sleep today and I know that’s not normal.

Does anyone have any recommendations? Any sleep training routines you’ve followed that work?

I tried to start a baby wise type routine today - she was basically already on a similar routine before this started without us even realizing it, but though the morning wasn’t too bad, the afternoon was impossible.

Please. I’m desperate. I got five hours of sleep last night and I have a lingering cold because I can’t get enough rest.

Has anyone had this problem? How long did it last and how did you cope/what did you do to help your baby adjust?