Having a life

Do you do stuff other than work and care for your kids? When I pick my ten month old up from daycare I just want to spend time with her before her bed! And then when she’s down, I want to hang with my husband (although we’re so tired we go to bed at nine). On weekends I want to spend time as a whole family or we seem to be out of town...Is it unrealistic to hope to have a little time per week to join a club or get involved in something around town? I just want to spend time with my family after a day of work but I also want to get to know some new people for my sweet lil family to hang out with (moved here relatively recently). Not to mention everyone needs a little social time or time for a hobby.

Do y’all make time to do something for yourself out of the house or is that a no-go with a baby under 1? I love spending time with her, and I know she will be little for only so long - but at the same time mama needs some support from other grownups right? There just isn’t enough time in a week.