How can guys do this?


So I’ve been with my ex for four years and I found out he had cheated. We broke up and I’m slowly getting past it. We’re finally in a good place. He told me he wasn’t talking to no one and I didn’t trust him so I went through his phone real quick and saw he is talking to the girl he cheated with and two others. He’s telling me that he can see us getting back together if we can work past this while he’s telling the other girl that we’re completely deprecated and only talk when we have to for our kid and we will never get back together. What the fuck! 😡😡 why do guys play mind games like that and how can a female let him? His other girl has a kid, a bf and she’s working on having another baby on the way. She doesn’t want people to know they fooled around but she’s still talking to him. They both fucked up. I want to keep him out of my baby’s life cuz right now he isn’t setting any kind of example that I want my son to follow but on the other had I also want my son to have a dad. 😭😭