My birth story - long post !!


So happy I can finally write this after going 10 days over my due date !

Born September 30th 2018 !

Let’s start things off on Thursday 27th I was 41 weeks and visited my midwives for a sweep ! Turns out I was 3cm dilated at this point and the midwife was surprised I had felt any pain so far that night I thought I was having contractions around 6 minuets apart they wasn’t really painful just more a tightening in my belly ! Friday then came and I was losing my mucus plug all day ! I was certain that she would come that evening , still no luck , Saturday came around and I still wasn’t feeling much! in the evening I was having some tightness again but nothing major .

Then came Sunday morning , I woke up at 5am to almost a “popping” sensation in my belly and that is when I new today would be the day , now I don’t think this was my waters breaking as when I stood up there was no leaking but I needed a wee anyways so when I got to the toilet it was hard to say if it was my waters or not ! I decided to have a bath but the pain was intense ! Coming every 4 minuets I new it was time to ring the hospital by the time I had got my things together and had a bath we got to the hospital around 7am ! I was in so much pain I couldn’t believe it . The midwife examined me and to my disappointment I was still only 3cm and my waters hadn’t broke ! I was gutted and at this point scared I could even imagine how the pain could get any worst and all the midwife was saying to me is how it is going to get far worst !

We got home around 9:30am I decided to have another bath but i was so uncomfortable I wasn’t in it for very long I then decided to go on the birthing ball which helped so much with the pain at this point I was tired I thought to myself right I’m only 3cm I need to try sleep I got back into bed and laid down for a while but I just couldn’t get comfortable , back on the birthing ball I went ! My contractions where now coming thick and fast ! There where coming every minute and a half and lasting 40 seconds I new I needed to go back in ! I rang the hospital back and I got the vibe they didn’t really want me too as they had only sent me home an hour or so ago being 3cm ! My partner also thought we would just be sent home again but I new !

We arrived back at the hospital just before 11am and was waiting in the examination room for the midwife all I kept saying is how I felt like I was ready to push ! My body new it was ready ! Finally a midwife came through , I different one too the one I had seen earlier on , thankfully as I felt like I didn’t click with the other one where as this one I completely loved ! Without even examining me she brought me through to a room I think she new I was ready just be looking at me ! She examined me when we got in there and couldn’t believe what had happened ! I was fully dilated and the head was right there ! I was ready to push , with in hour an a half I had gone from 3 - 10 cm ! She stated to get things ready and organised and I started pushing around 11:45 I was doing so well and was only having gas and air , but the baby stayed getting tiered at this point I had been pushing around 40 minuets and the baby wasn’t in the right position to come out un assisted , I had to have a vacuum birth with in 10 minuets it went from me my partner and a midwive in the room to another 5 people being there ! It all went so fast I wasn’t nervous or anxious at all I was very calm about what was happening and just couldn’t wait to meet my baby even if it didn’t mean getting cut and having the vacuum , at 12:48 she was born ! It was the most incredible intense experience of my life and I couldn’t be happier ! I had apparently lost a lot of blood but I didn’t even no as I wasn’t paying attention to what was going on at all lol after the birth when midwives and doctors came around to see me they would start with you had a traumatic birth and I would look at them and say did I ? I really don’t think I did it’s so strange but I felt like I had a very calm birth I wasn’t paying attention to what was going on apart from getting to meet my baby !

So here I am 2 days later recovering well , still a little “tender” down there but nothing like the pain I thought it would be ! Now my birth went nothing like how I wanted it too , my plan was for a calm and peaceful water birth ! But at the time you really don’t care that things haven’t gone as you wanted everything goes out the window ! And that’s ok I managed to stay calm through out the whole situation and even though I needed the vacuum assistance it was still a really positive birth in my eyes ! Things go wrong and not to plan but as long as you stay calm and strong you can still have a great experience!