October baby RANT

This pregnancy has been far the worst!! Since the minute I found out I was pregnant 🙄 it went from my ultrasounds thinking my baby had a cleft lip, to him having Down syndrome. (Blood tests came back negative, but at the time he had a white dot on his heart which can be a sign of Down syndrome.... it’s gone now he’s fine) but then doctors were saying he has a club foot !! I could barely handle this I was an emotional wreck! I lost my mucus plug very early I was scared I would have a pre term labor. Now that the time is near nothing is happening. I got schedule by my doctor to go in for induction. Well I never got a time so I had called labor and delivery and they said they don’t have room and it can’t be done today. So I had said what if my water broke what would you do then?? She said obv that’s important. So I said my doctor schedule me to go in and be induced that’s not important????? Then she suggested I got in for a non stress test and an ultrasound because I was there over the weekend and I said no!!!!! If you sent me home on good terms why would I go back in for this especially if I’m not being induced! I told her to have a nice day I’m all fucking set.

Idc if I’m rude honestly I can’t even be happy about anything this pregnancy just has me miserable I swear I will have my baby at home