My mom and sister beat me up together...

I didn’t know where to type this but I want your advice. I am a mother of a two year old. The father is not with us and never has because of the way my baby was conceived. My mom forced me to keep my baby which at the moment I didn’t want because of how he was conceived. Moving forward I had him. And I’ve been a good mother to my baby. I’ve dedicated my baby all my time since he was born. I don’t do anything but take care of my son since he was born because I have no one else. I get financial help every month that is enough for me and my son to buy everything we need monthly. The thing is I live with my mom and 17 year sister. After my mom cheated on my dad things just went worse. My mom became more abusive to me and so did my sister. It’s about a year that we’ve got into it with my sister and the worst parts is she has hit me when I’ve had my baby in my arms. Usually my mom takes her away. But yesterday was the worst thing my mom has ever done and the worst I’ve done in my life too and I feel horrible. Ive always been there for my family. Helping others out. I’ve taken care of my 80 year old grandma and I watch my 89 year old neighbor sometimes because she’s practically lonely. I went to college and graduated. I don’t party. I don’t drink or smoke. I don’t go out. I’m practically a prisioner in my own house. I clean my whole house and even cut wood yesterday before all this so we could be prepared for winter. After a few hours of me still being exhausted from the wood part I decide to tell my sister to pick up her stuff because I was going to finish cleaning the house.... she got so upset and started to push me against the wall. I tell her to stop and she starts pulling my hair and all this while I had my son. My mom comes out and I thought she’d take her off us but instead when my sister pushes us in the floor my mom starts taking my cellphone and my son away in a very force way and HERE is where she did the WORST thing ever to me... she tells my sister to keep me in the ground while she’s literally chocking me and I have health problems so numerous times I’ve ended up in the ER because of my breathing problems. I tell her I can’t breath and my mom starts saying don’t listen to her she’s faking it.. at this point I’m crying begging her to please pull me up and she pulls me outside by the door and starts going crazy on me then pulls me back in and when I find a way to get up and I demand I want my phone and my mom lies to me and says it’s in my room by the time I go and see it’s not there I go back in her room and my mom try’s pushing me away at this point I’m asking for my son and for her to give him to me she doesn’t want to and starts fighting me so I had to pull her hair and push her face in a smacking way to get my son and as I did that I find my phone hidden under her bed ... after that my mom tells my sister to grab me and she pushed me again in the floor pressing my chest and my mom started kicking me while my son was right there.. then they left the house scared I’d call the police and they didn’t come back until the morning .. the hitting my mom part makes me feel like the worst person in the world and now I don’t know what to do!! What’s worst is that my sons planned baptism and party is 11 days away and we were all finally so good since August. I feel horrible. I don’t know what to do and I have no where else to go💔

Edit: my dad is another country and so is my grandma. I have no where to go or else I would. Just like many people I am scared and very scared they end up taking my son because they lie. Any mother in my situation would be scared of that. My son is all I have.

Edit: Ashely I hid your comment because you’re basically saying I’m lying. Trust me there’s horrible people in this world and my sister has started a fight over me telling her to pick her plate. She has anger problems and always reacts in the worst way. I have evidence and people who’ve seen with their own eyes. The fact I had to hit my mom in self defense says a lot. An animal won’t bite another animal unless it does something to it and my mom only ganged up on me with my sister instead of helping taking her off me while she was choking me. If you simple don’t believe me just because your family is different I get it but there is people and family who’s like this and will abuse of their own siblings and kids. Sadly.

Edit: it’s ok Ashely! Thank you for commenting again 💕 and thank you for the rest comments. It’s easy for people to just say go to the police which I want to but just thinking they take my baby away from me for me going to the police scares me and brakes me into pieces. 💔😔