My sex life is great but he finishes fast 😅

I moved in with two of my guy friends in December. (Best decision I’ve ever made it’s so drama free! Lol) anyway I’ve known them for about eight years! One of them is my best friend & I only hung out with the other one (we will call him J) by myself once in a blue moon. I was engaged when I first met them so our friendships were exclusive. J, was the type of guy that never wanted a relationship. He slept around & didn’t like to have consistently with anyone.

I never thought anything about it, but about a year ago we went out for some drinks & we ended up sleeping together. I don’t really remember it. So I didn’t know if it was good sex or not. I was so embarrassed since we were friends since the beginning of college & I never imagined that happening between us.

When we all decided to move in together I no longer felt awkward about the situation since quite some time had passed. And he didn’t act different or anything like that.

The first day of move in we instantly slept together again. This time I was sober, & I found out that the sex was absolutely AMAZING!

I talked to him about it & told him that we could not let things get weird. I wasn’t looking for a relationship & he’d never had one because he didn’t like commitment. So we thought that we were set.

We slept together many times a week & after about a month of move in we began to travel together.

At this point the inevitable happened, he told me that he really liked me & that he was starting to get feelings for me. I told him I liked him too, & we continued to do what we were doing.

The sex before he told me about his feelings was absolutely amazing! It was long, hot & super intense! (Sorry for all the TMI that’s about to happen lol)

But he knew exactly what he was doing & if I could give him a sex grade it would be an A 😂 however he was also a selfish lover when we first started, He was a grown man that had never gone down on a woman before. Foreplay was always a must before, but with him I’d want him so bad that I didn’t even need it. So that fact didn’t bother me very much. He was so used to women wanting to please him, (he’s working with some VERY great equipment down there 😏) that he didn’t have to try to please women in other ways.

So about two months into living together he told me that he had fallen in love with me & he had become my best friend. He wanted a relationship at this point, but I still didn’t, although I was starting to fall for him at this point.

This is where everything changed...

He literally gets a boner the moment that he sees me and has it for most of the time that we hang out. I find it so hot, & can’t resist touching him. So let’s just say that we have A LOT of sex. But after he told me how he felt our sex life changed.

He began to cum within minutes, sometimes he would just go in & instantly cum. Literally under a minute. It’s been 7 months since that started to happen & it still does every single time. I asked him what it is & he said that he just gets overly excited & feels like he can’t control it.

He feels so embarrassed every single time and apologizes. He says that he’s very confused because that’s never happened to him before. Usually he is able to please a woman for a very long time.

So now that he knows that’s going to happen he’s found other super hot ways to please me before sex. & I’m not complaining about that one bit he’s very creative if you know what I mean 😉

But I REALLY REALLY miss his 🍆 like ladies I’m not kidding it’s SO great. 😅

I just don’t know what to do anymore! We’ve tried stopping when he feels like he needs to slow down & a bunch of other things but nothing has worked.

I want to be able to dress up super sexy & incorporate our toys, whips, blindfolds & so on again.. I can’t at the moment because it somehow manages to turn him on even more which makes it the shortest possible for me. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO!! I mean I know he’s definitely still taking care of me but I want all of him if you know what I mean, the way that I had him before.