Judgmental moms

Momma of 4

Today my husband had the day off, so we took our 4 kids to our local children's science museum. They're 6, 4, 2, and 5 months (fyi taking 4 little kids out to a place like this ain't easy! I've had 2 little kids....4 little kids is a different story, I promise).

All was fine, they were very well behaved, until it was time to go. My 2 year old was having so much fun that she didn't want to leave, and it was her nap time (she was over tired), so she threw a tantrum. A 2 year old throwing a tantrum for not wanting to leave someplace fun is quite normal. So we took her and the others outside right away. She cried in the parking lot for about 5 minutes until she calmed down and then we went to the car and left. No biggie, right?

You would not believe the evil glares I got from OTHER YOUNG MOMS. Not the dads. Not the older ladies. Other young moms, looking at me with DISGUST as if I was doing something horribly wrong. And they didn't look at my husband (who is equally responsible for these children). And we were outside, not disturbing anyone inside the museum. And my other 3 kids were behaving just fine.

They looked at me, not with reassurance, but with judgment and haughty "my kid would never do that" looks. Look, if you think you can have 4 kids and not one of them will be head strong (actually, this behavior wasn't even unreasonable for a 2 year old) then be my guest...but lady, I've got news for you.

Anyway, this is just a friendly reminder (and vent) that we need to support each other and lift each other up. If someone's kid is not behaving like a perfect angel at all moments, but the parent is taking proper steps to rectify the situation (eg not letting the kid run all over the place screaming), be encouraging, or heck, mind your own damn business....but the dirty looks and smirks are hurtful and of zero help.