She loved soccer and had played since she was little, but now she also loved it for a new reason. Her new coach. He is 2 years older than her. He is a dirty blond with blue greenish eyes and a smile and dimples that could make you faint. He has broad shoulders that transfered into a slim yet athletic waist, forming a V shape. His legs are just the right amount of soccer player muscley that she found so hot. She has long wavy light brown hair, blue eyes and a small nose. She is a bit chubby. She has DD and an round athletic ass but she also has love handles an a belly so she did not think that he would ever go for her.

It was just after one of her games. She was walking to the changing room where eveyone els already was when she hears a voice from behind. Its her coach. He asks her to wait and so she dose. They are in a small hallway and she leans her back up against the wall waiting for him. He comes up to her and befor she knew what was happeaning he pressed his body up against hers and was kissing her with one hand on her waist and the other on her face. She was shoked at first but quickly let down all gards and she began to kiss him back. Puttong one hand around his waist and the other on his chest. She could feel his muscles and the tention in his body. He stoped after about a minuet, but she did not want him to. His kiss had been soft yet passionat. She was still a little stunned about what just happeaned, but to brake the silence she asked "what was that for" with a seductive smile on her face. He just smirked for a few seconds befor he awnsered: " Watching that ass bounce around for the whole game I figured that I had to do something about it". She blushed at this comment. She never imagined that hed be looking at her at all. He leaned over to kiss her again, but at that moment a door swung opean and they quickly seperated bevor anyone could see them. Out of the door walked her teammates. They had already changed and were about to go home. " Whats taking you so long" ask one of them. " Oh we were just chatting a bit" she answered quickly trying not to blush. She went to change but on her way to the changing room she looked over her shoulder and saw him still smirking at her and looking at her walk oway.

She was almost done changing. She was the only one left in the changing room. She just had to put her pants on and then she was done, when the door opeaned and starteled she tryed to cover herself. Then she saw him and relaxed just a little. She had been thinking about him and the kiss the whole time she was changing. He closed the door behind him and looked it. He just stood there looking at her. She was unsure about what to do and just stood there in a tangtop showing half of her braw and a pair of thongs. He slowley walked over to her, grabbed her by the waist and pushed her against the wall. "Ohh" she let out a little sound. She looked at his perfectly chissled face getting lost in his eyes. He kissed her once more this time a bit more forcefully. He placed on hand around her neck, squeezing ever so slightly. She could feel how something big started to grow in his pants. He pressed his body closer to hers rubbing his hardening dick against her, making her wet....

Im sorey about tge grammer and spelling mistakes. English is not my first language and I also have dyslexia.😐

(to be continued) please tell me if you liked it, it was my first one and I would love to know if you want me to continue it.