Infant temps.

Nessie • 💐

So my 8 month old was running a rectal temp of 102 on the night of the 29th. We took him to the hospital & they diagnosed him with teething & a ear infection. Told me to give him Amoxicillin every 12 hours & alternate Tylenol & ibuprofen every 3 hours (each 6 hours apart) to keep his fever down until it goes down then I could just give him the Amoxicillin & ibuprofen. My question is since his temp (rectally) has came down to 101 can I skip the Tylenol now or do I need to continue with alternating every 3 hours? They discharged him from the hospital with a temp of 100 (rectally). So I’m not exactly sure if 101 is a huge difference or if it’s okay? He’s up playing & acting like his normal self again. I’m a FTM still learning. I have called his pediatrician to make a follow up appointment, but they was out of the office today. Can’t call back until tmrr. Any info would be greatly appreciated in the meantime.