Never thought 170 lbs would look and feel so good! I’m embracing my new body while it does incredible things to bring us our girl! ❤️

Update: Thank y’all for the sweet comments!! I really didn’t think that gaining 30+lbs (at 5’7”) could ever be something I was proud of but this girl is growing fast and steady so I don’t mind a bit!

Update 2: A lot of you are finding my post helpful and relatable so I’d like to let y’all know a bit more about myself and this pregnancy.

First trimester we almost lost her and I was put on pelvic rest and daily vaginal progesterone until the middle of my second trimester. I was so exhausted and nauseous (I never actually threw up though) my first trimester that I lost 6lbs and missed a lot of work.

Second trimester was a lot better but at our first anatomy scan I was diagnosed with Placenta Previa and I’ve had OB appointments every two weeks since to monitor whether or not it’s remedied itself. I did have a lot more energy but was given limits on physical activity. Pelvic rest was lifted with the condition that we would resume pelvic rest if there’s any bleeding. The nausea went away and I gained 20lbs in two months. My daughter has measured two weeks ahead since the first anatomy scan but my OB didn’t change my due date.

Third trimester my energy disappeared and nausea has set back in but not nearly as bad. My placenta previa has not resolved itself and my daughter is still measuring two weeks ahead. At 34 weeks she was measuring at just over 7lbs. My OB scheduled a csection for Oct. 29th with one more scan on the 15th to make sure my PP hasn’t resolved itself so that I can have a vaginal birth instead of the csection.

Update 3: She’s here!! 💕

7lbs 11oz 19 3/4” long at just 36 weeks