My 41+2 Bump. Anyone else in here still pregnant?

Heaven β€’ Married my best friend 10/2016πŸ’— Baby boy coming 9/2018 πŸ’™

Was hoping for a September baby and didn't expect anything else since my due date was a week before October (September 24).

My hips hurt so bad and he's not really in a good birthing position quite yet (they think he's posterior, confirmingntomorrow). Buuut I do love feeling him rolling around in my belly still. And as much as we cant wait to snuggle him, my husband and I are getting so much quality time together as we enjoy our last days as a family of 2. πŸ’™

Hope your babies are all healthy, they are all so adorable! πŸ‘ΆπŸΌπŸΌ