Hashimotos and the flu shot


Does anyone have Hashimotos and has gotten the flu vaccine in the US? If so, how was your experience? Any negative reactions? Any flare ups? Did you get the shot or the nasal spray?

I am required to get it for my job. The alternative is wearing a surgical mask for the next 6 months for every shift, which is just not feasible with the nature of my work.

With all due respect, I am not looking to debate the efficacy or lack there of the shot. I have my own opinions but at this point, it doesn't matter. I work in healthcare and it's required. I am specifically wondering about the interaction between the vaccine and Hashimotos.

My primary care doc, employee health, and online scientific data are all pretty much 50/50 on the issue - either I'll be fine or will get an unpredictable flare up. Waiting to hear back form my endocrinologist, wanted to hear some personal experiences in the meantime. TIA.