Sleep training for a 10 month old


I need some advice!

My son hasn’t sleep good since he was 3 months. It was so bad that he would wake up every 15-30 min and it was so exhausting and he did that until he was 8 months. And finally when he was 9 months he was falling asleep at 10pm and waking up a couple times at night and waking up at 10am but that only lasted for 4 days. I don’t care if I have to wake up at night it’s just that he never falls asleep until 2-4am and wakes up 4 times a night and wakes up for the day at 9am and he cries a lot because he’s so tired during the day. I just get so frustrated because I’ve been moving and unpacking, cleaning, taking care of him and a lot more stuff by myself. (Btw the cry it out method doesn’t work for him) is there anything his pediatrician can do? Or has anyone gone through this?