Am I ugly? (Pictures below)

PLEASE don’t criticize or tell me I’m just fishing for compliments.... I’m not. Lately I’ve been feeling like I really am unattractive. But friends are never honest with you so I don’t know if I am or not. Even since having a baby though I think my looks have gone more and more downhill. I have more of a double chin, my makeup is never as good as it used to be, my body isn’t the same, and I always look tired... even the number of responses I get on social media has gone WAY down. All my friends with kids get hundreds of likes on their pictures and I’m lucky if I get like 40. I just want to know if people truly think I’m unattractive when they see me because if I am ugly I want to learn to accept it and maybe even quit some of my social media. I feel like I spend so much time wondering and wishing I was different.

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