Sex only once a month

Hey ladies. I'm feeling kind of conflicted and unsure about how to feel & think about the situation. So me & my husband only end up having sex once a month & it's been that way for 2 years. I've talked to him about it, we've tried various things, and it's a work in progress. Simply he doesn't really feel the need for sex where as I have a very high sex drive.

Where my mixed feelings come in is that he masturbates every single day at least once, no porn or anything. Now my issue isn't him masturbating, it's his body he can do with it as he wants. It's more of the feeling of why is it he will masturbate all the time but only maybe once a month cares to have sex. To me it makes no sense. I'm not mad, & certainly don't want him to feel like I think it's wrong to masturbate, i do it too because it's just that it kinda hurts feeling like he'd rather his hand than his wife. I do know it's more complicated than that but it sums up the mixed emotions. Just trying to navigate my feelings and see if there's aspects I'm not thinking of that could help me sort out my thoughts.