Boyfriend acting weird ?

So my boyfriend got a new job 5 minutes away from mine, he gets off at 3 I go to work at 2, yesterday he waited in my car all day till I got off .. yes bitch a whole 7 hours . He keeps saying he’s going to wait in my car until I get off work at 9:30 . I’m very uncomfortable with this I feel like my privacy is being invaded and it’s a way of being very controlling or possessive. He keeps saying or joking that it’s because he thinks I’m messing around with someone which I’m not and even if I was why tf r u staying at my work all day instead of asking me ? I even made sure I gave him $5 yesterday so he can make it home but nope he spent it on something else and stayed at my job . Again today he’s trying to come to my job after work Idk guys this could be a real deal breaker and it’s really stressing me out. How do u think I should handle this situation ?

Btw we live together so breaking up isn’t easy.