Any Explanation 🤷‍♀️❤️


Okay Ladies ,

I started estrogen birth control again on September 1st. I then got switched to the mini pill on September 15th . I started my period on September 18th and it ended on September 25th. I had some spotting sometime between the 27th and the 29th . I chalked it up to just my period. My SO and I have sex all of the time and he never pulls out (yes we know birth control is not 100%) Anyway, it is now October 9th and I am having intense pain in my breast . I mean seriously intense I can’t hug my boyfriend just sitting down makes me want to cry and don’t even ask me about speed bumps . I have also been experiencing shortness of breath and I’ve been pretty tired I think . I have taken two hpt. From what I see they are both negative . If anyone sees anything different or can give me a reason for these symptoms I would really appreciate it. This boob pain is no joke . Thank you guys . ❤️

October 3rd

October 9th