I don't know what to do about our neighbors


Forgive me because this is long, and I'm a anxious, pissed off, dumpster fire of a woman.

So our downstairs neighbors have been telling us we're being too loud. Specifically "boom boom boom every 5 minutes every day".

I will begin with my husband and I's schedule. He leaves before 5am, and I get up at 7:30am and head our the door at 8:15am. Monday-Friday. Then I come home at 6pm, get our 13 month old in bed at 6:30pm, then when my husband gets home, us in bed (not moving around at least) by 9pm.

But my husband and I are not the issue it's our baby. Because he's a baby. He just started walking so he falls a lot, he drops things, like his bottles and toys on the floor, and when he crawls around I'm sure it makes a lot of noise too. But I literally can't do anything about it.

We bought rugs for all the hardwood areas, child locks for all the cabinets and drawers just in case he got into them while we weren't looking, and a baby gate to keep him in his room which is killing me because he hates it.

They called the cops the other day and obviously the cops told them that they can't do anything, but now everytime I come out of my door he calls after me. Saying I need to tell him to be quiet and walk quietly and get onto him more.

I don't know what to do.

Add On 10/9 6pm: Thanks guys. I went by the apartment office because I wanted to see if there was anything else we could do aside from the already stated and they sided with us, which is nice. She said they would contact him (which I didn't want but she said they have to), mainly about the unnecessary use of police and gave me the after hours security guard's number just incase they approach us again so we can have a mediator and if he becomes aggressive, which he hasn't at all.