The Struggle.. Need To Rant

I've had such a hard time finding a good OBGYN that specializes in endometriosis and also respects the decision to not take birth control as treatment. I really want the laparoscopic surgery in order to preserve my fertility so that I may have a child soon.

I find myself having more anxiety and fear because the pain is so bad! I worry that there's something horrible and life threatening happening to me when the pain gets that bad. It's scary...

I know it's endometriosis; my mother has it, and so does my grandma. I keep getting cysts, I always feel like I'm on my period non stop even when I'm not, and I feel like my insides are melting out through my thighs. There's a lot more symptoms and they're getting progressively worse. My PCP says that's most likely what it is and that she thinks the surgery is my best bet, but finding an OBGYN that will actually do it, or sign off on it, is a miserable journey.

I just really needed to rant and get some of that off my chest. I'm so exhausted both mentally and physically.

Thanks to anyone who actually reads this and is just there to be a listening ear. Sometimes that's all anyone needs: someone to just listen.