Evil gym teacher


Im a sophmore in highschool, and my asshole gym teacher claimed 'menstrual cramps don't count as a excuse' like wtf??

I get crippling cramps to the point where Ive fainted and he made us run up and down the stairs and I almost fainted, so I brought a note from my mom saying to let me sit out at least for a day ( Usually the first 2 days are the worse for me anyway) and he said that he trained a girl who said exorcise actually helped but that shouldnt mean that it helps EVERY girl.

Ive tried exercising for my cramps but the only thing that actually help is stretching and yoga, not legit running up and down the stairs repeatively.

I also have extreme asthma so it was already torture enough and he claimed that since I took my inhaler Im basically cured?

Am I the only one who thinks this is ridiculous? Like, what could he possibly know about cramps?

Idk what to do because it sucks how I have to suffer for a grade. Help???