October baby becomes September baby


So my beautiful baby boy is here !! We joked he would sneak in to September - my due date was 16th October - but never dreamed it would happen.

He was born at 11.29am on 30th September 2018 at 8lb exactly after 60 hours of labour and is worth every second of the pain I experienced.

The Tuesday night at midnight I started to have period type pain and got up once my partner was asleep, went downstairs and watched tv too excited to sleep, the pains got closer together to about 7 or 8 minutes but still not too strong. I sent my husband to work in the morning and settled in at home to wait it out.

By that evening the pains were impossible to talk through and would get to 3 minutes apart but then tail of to 5 and 7 minutes. This pattern continued until the early hours when they were steady at 3-4 minutes. I decided to go to the hospital ( now Saturday morning) as I was struggling with the contractions. I was examined and burst into tears when the midwife told me I was only 1cm - my cervix was paper thin and in the right position so she gave me a sweep.

I returned home and struggled for 12 hours the contractions were BAD lasting 2 minutes never more than 5 minutes apart with a double peak so we returned to the hospital that evening ( Saturday) to be told I was 2cm! The midwife however said baby was back to back with his head not engaged properly, this is why my contractions were not effective.

The midwife admitted me and gave me some pethadine so I could rest as I was exhausted. I managed to sleep between the contractions.

I was examined at 4 am and the baby had turned and I was now 4cm.

At 8.30 am I was 6cm.

At 10.30 am my husband popped to ``Costa`` on the hospital grounds to get some breakfast, no sooner had he left the room and I felt the urge to push.

I was pushing when he returned to the room. I pushed for 1 hour 4 minutes with no pain relief (on my back not ideal but I was so tired I could not hold my own weight.)

At one point a cannula was put in my arm in case I needed to be rushed to surgery and doctors observed me as I was bleeding heavily, later we learned this was from my cervix dilating so quickly in the end.

My husband was amazing and coached me through.

The midwife passed me my son and my husband revealed the sex, he cut the cord and I had a few minutes of skin to skin before the midwife handed him to my husband while I was stitched up.

I had a second degree tear, the senior midwife decided it was not stitched correctly and re-did the stitches meaning I was in stirrups for an hour.

We went home later that day to start our life as a family.

I can honestly say it was the most amazing experience of my life and I feel empowered that I managed to get through not only naturally but with minimal pain relief.

I have seen my husband in a whole new light, he was my rock and I honestly could not have wished for a better birthing partner or for more support in the first week as a Mum.

My boys are my world,I didn’t realise just how much love I could feel!

Meet Dillan Finbar William Cooke 😍