Early pregnancy sign ?

Bridabratt • 💋 thick thighs,thin patience 💋 @bridabrattt

Soooo , I know that “light cramps” are supposed to be an early sign of pregnancy but what EXACTLY does that feel like ? I’ve been experiencing some cramping in my lower tummy but I’m def not on my period because I got off maybe a week ago now. Also, the cramps def feel like period cramps , but not as severe as they typically would be if I were menstruating. My boyfriend & I have sex almost everyday and he never pulls out so we’ve kind of lost track of when we’re supposed to take a test.

I haven’t had too many other outstanding symptoms, I mean idk if I can count my mood swings, crying & food cravings as a part of my symptoms bc that’s just a thing that happens lmao

Also maybe a little more gas than normal , but that could also just be me wanting to be pregnant & noticing how much I toot

The only reason why I haven’t bothered taking another pregnancy test is because well, I’ve taken 3 since my boyfriend and I started trying again (September 1st) and I low key don’t want to get my hopes up to get let down, kind of want to wait until I see more prominent symptoms but the suspense is also killing me

Idek what responses I want lmao , just wanted to talk I guess , but if you don’t mind answering the first question please, tf is a “light cramp”?