Do you think this would look wrong on my door?

We have a dog who has heart disease and a pyometra. She has lost a lot of weight. You can see her bones. The reason she looks this way is because her body fights off the nutrients from the food she eats. She takes 3 pills a day and will continue until she passes on. She eats a lot and drinks water all of the time. And uses the restroom like a normal dog a few times a day. She is fine. She is happy. She walks around and does anything a dog does normally except she just looks sick because she is! But she does not act sick. Everyone who comes over comments on her appearance and we have to explain the whole story while it breaks our hearts to see her this way as well. Do you think we should have a sign warning other visitors that there will be a sick dog so please don’t comment on how she looks. She’s fine and gets check ups every 3 months from the vet. Or would this sign come off rude? Please don’t make rude comments. We will put her down when the time is right and when she acts like she’s in pain, but as of now the vet and us don’t think it’s the time to put her down until she is unstable and not physically active. Thanks. She’s also my EMotional service animal and I love her very much.