Screeching Baby Advice!!!


My daughter will be 6 months old Monday and here recently she’s been fighting her naps like no other. She started sleeping through the night when she got sick and the medicine made her unable to sleep for almost 2 days except for a few hours a day when she was 3 months old. Ever since she goes to bed anywhere between 8:30pm-10:30pm at the latest and usually wakes up ab 9am-11am.

For the past couple of days she hasn’t been wanting to be laid down and she is usually very independent to the point where if she is comfortable or doing something and you try to move her or mess with her she gets mad and cries but lately she just wants to be held. She gets plenty of play time between me and her dad and grandparents, but she’s not spoiled to the point of not laying her down and likes to be played with while she’s in her crib or walker.

She will wake up at some point in the night (even during her naps) and start crying a little then calm down and cry a bit more before letting out a very high pitched, very loud, screech. Her face will turn red and she’ll be actually crying tears which isn’t usual for her bc she usually doesn’t cry for long before I figure out what she wants.

I honestly try everything to get her to calm down. Feed,change, rock, everything. And none of it works for a good 5-10 minutes.

Any advice,??