Depressed, Scared and Abused

Had a bitch pimp me out today at school for bunking she hates me but does even know me. Mom is abusive and I am scared of what she is going to do to me. Women backhands me when I can’t find the eggs in the fridge I don’t know what she might do now. I feel like I annoy the shit out of people for breathing and being alive. Maybe I shouldn’t be.

Thank you Maddison either way I am fucked and you did something shit.

Also thank you to all the useless councilors who did nothing to stop my Mom I put my faith in you and you failed me. Because now I also have a psychotic step dad who says he will bash my face in and he is not afraid of the cops and that I will be the one to land in jail.

Thank to all those who failed me.

You show me there is no know hope for this world. It will always be filled with hate and evil.