So excited!!


I have to share, I can’t hold in my excitement any longer! My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 18 months ... one miscarriage and two surgery’s later still no luck! I’ve been seeing my regular OB and she said there was nothing more she could do so I got a second opinion and she said she thought I had PCOS but just wanted to put me on birth control (long term). It’s been such a long heartbreaking situation and has put so much stress on mine and my husbands relationship. Well I did it, after tons of research and praying I finally got us an appointment with a highly recommended fertility specialist about an hour and a half away! I’m so excited to finally have both of us checked out and taken seriously instead of just brushing it off, going on about how I’m too young (21) or running me around we will finally know what’s going on and just hopefully with lots of prayer we will finally get our rainbow baby. ❤️❤️ I know to some of y’all it may seem like such a small step but this is such a huge deal to us, we are both so supportive of each other and on the same page and want this with all our hearts. Even though this is such a routine step to us it’s liking going to the moon!