The most stressful thing about TTC, is that I've always imagined it would be a 1,000 times easier. We were told as teenagers, "be careful!! You gonna get pregnant!", "Ohh!!! Stop! Don't let him touch you, you will get pregnant!" lol and now as a married woman, TTC, its like, "Wooww.."

I thought it would be easier... I thought if I just have sex with my husband, I would "accidentally" get pregnant, just as I was told forever... I know God promised me I would be a mother. But sometimes its hard to keep up the faith it will happen. Lord, Jesus... I pray in Your name for each and every woman - including myself who is reading this right now, who understands how I feel. Fill us up with the faith to push us through these times. Help us not to feel sad when we have our periods. Help us not to be down on ourselves when we think we are pregnant when we are not... Give us Your blessed hope. In Jesus name, amen. 🙏

You are not alone ladies. I am facing this with you. I hop you will be blessed by this post as I cry out with you too. ❤ Love each and everyone of you. ☺