Might be pregnant?

Hi everyone so I’m not really sure if i might be pregnant. So i got my period in August 16-20 the Sunday of that week i started my birth control. My boyfriend kept pulling out every single time but on September 5th and 6th he came inside me thinking i was okay because of the birtxontrol but also because i started spotting since the 3rd is September thinking my period was coming. I continued to just spot from the 3rd to the 9th. I took a pregnancy test that week and it came out negative. I stopped my birth control again because i forgot to take it for a whole week once i was done with the first pack. Then again in October 6 we had unprotected sex but this time came a little bit inside me he still pulled out. I was suppose to get my period the 6th and i never got it. It’s now the 16th and i have no idea if it’s possible for me to have gotten pregnant the 6th.