Need to rant

I'm sorry. Just need to vent for a min.

I've been with my man for 3 yrs and honestly. It's getting super frustrating he's always doing something shady and chicks be popping up out of no where and I'm just over it. Last time someone popped up out of no where it was a chick I was friends with who I introduced to my man. Turns out. She was sending him titty pics on SC and he let her drive our car and she tried to give him head for it. Then a couple months later when I asked why she has his number it was an issue. Plus there's been multiple girls who said they slept with him. And apprently hed cheat on me as long as I'd never find out and then he got girls saying love you and I'm just seriously at my breaking point with him. It's fine to have friends of the other gender but everytime we "break up" another one of his "friends" tries jumping in my spot but I gotta be around these people and be nice and shit. How am I even supposed to do that?