The Reunion pt. 9

Claire • Air Force Wife ❤️ 2/21/19 💜

I woke up a few short hours later to the sound of the hotel room phone. Nate wiggled from under me to reach over and grab the phone.


He moved out from under me and I sat up to stretch. I checked the alarm clock which read 8:30 am. I decided I should probably get dressed and figure out how to face today. Brody is probably wondering where in the world I am, and I don’t think he’ll be thrilled with the answer.

As I slid on my panties and bra, Nate finished up on the phone.

“Mhm, ok thank you. Bye.”

He came over and pulled me into his warm, strong embrace and kissed me tenderly on the lips.

“Good morning, beautiful.”

“Good morning, handsome. What was that all about?”

“Oh just the hotel wake up call I forgot I ordered. Then they were reminding me of the meeting I have later this evening with a potential real estate agent. I see you’ve already started to get dressed. Leaving so soon?”

“You know I’d love to stay, but I have to face the music eventually. Brody is probably worried.”

“Ah yes.. the boyfriend.”

“He doesn’t have to be. Nate, I want to be with you.”

“I want that, too. You have no idea how much.”

He pulled me against him once again and I kissed his collarbone.

“Then let me take care of this. It won’t take long and then I can come back later once I find a way home to change and clean up.”

“Tell you what, you go take care of what you need to do, and I’ll come pick you up for lunch later. Will that work?”

“Sounds perfect.”

I grin up at him and he starts to kiss me once again. It quickly turns from one kiss into several, then we begin making out. He’s still naked and I can feel him getting hard against me. My mind says it’s time to go, but my body is begging me to give in and stay just a few more minutes.

I drop my shoes from my hand as Nate lifts me up and carries me back over to the bed. He removes my panties in a split second and my bra quickly follows.

To be continued.