Considering IUI

Vanessa • ♒️♥️👼🏼

Hello all.

I am new to this group (been on the app for a while). My husband and i are considering <a href="">IUI</a>. We actually have an appointment in 3 weeks for a consultation. We have no insurance so we would be paying for everything out of pocket. Which is why we are considering it and not 100% sure we want to go that route yet. I really wouldn’t want to waste all that money if it’s not totally worth it. I know there is no guarantee it will work either way, but I would like some advice and to hear pros, cons, experiences and any success stories with <a href="">IUI</a> to help us make the decision.

A little back story on our situation:

We have been TTC for about 4 years now. The first year of trying we found out my husband has a low sperm count. I’m not sure what the numbers were or how his morphology or motility is. Back then I didn’t know much about any of this so I didn’t pay much attention to it. Since then we just had unprotected sex and never got pregnant until after our wedding this past April when we decided to “actually try” and my husband started taking lots of supplements. I started doing castor oil packs. I used OPK’s and we used soft cups and preseed. To our surprise we got pregnant that first cycle we did all that. That was this past May. Unfortunately, it ended in MC due to a blighted ovum. We have been trying ever since doing everything exactly how we did that month and nothing.

We will be turning 33 soon and we would like more than 1 child so I really feel like the clock is ticking. This is why we are considering <a href="">IUI</a>. In hopes that it works the first time and we don’t have to keep wasting time trying to conceive naturally with no success.

Any feedback, advice, stories are highly welcomed.