Need your opinion!

My boyfriend is 30, i’m 29, and I’m dealing with some things in our relationship and I need to know from you all what you think.

1. Especially if I’m naked, and not necessarily aroused, he just goes for touching my nipples without asking, and I’ve told him I don’t like it but he still does it and he claims he has “never been with a girl that was sensitive about that”.

2. He wont do ANYTHING intimate with me while on my period.

3. He was fingering me once, and then i said “I dont want you to do that anymore” he kept going anyway.. then I had to get off and be like “STOP!” Then he stops.

4.Teases me about how I used to be in an age gap relationship and points out guys like in their 70s and is like “I’s that him?”

5.He’ll say something that offends me, then I’ll get mad and frustrated at him, and maybe yell a little, and he gets super mad at me and gives me the silent treatment for getting angry.

6.He is annoyed by feminism.

7. I have told him countless times that I appreciate chivalry, and would appreciate flowers once in a while, or opening a door, etc...he gave me a flower plant once, on valentines day, never writes me sweet notes or opens doors for me. He says “Chivalry is dead”

I know he is a nice guy from a nice family with good values, some similar interests, is generally supportive, ive known him as a friend for 10 years, we’ve been dating for 7 months. He says he loves me and wants a future with me.

Am I crazy? Is he crazy? What do I do?