Sorry I just need to vent

So the other day my BF and I got into a huge fight.

That day I was having some abnormal pain and felt sick I wasnt able to eat or hardly drink water I tried going to the hospital but he said to just relax that day. So I did.

Then he went off on how messy the house is. How it was only my fault and I never clean.

But I do clean and as most people who are sick I had a bowl and tissues by the bed. And I left the clothes I was in by my side of the bed instead of putting them away right away. While I could barely move without hurting my dog had an accident on the floor and my bf just went off. I told him many times that I was sorry I just dont feel good and I still went and cleaned everything up. Later that day when we try talking about our disagreement. He starts yelling at me again and I tell him to stop. And it ended up being that he breaks up with me so STILL in massive amount of pain. I begin to pack and said I just ignored him. And he is continued to yell at me about how I'm just like ever ex I never clean or take care of him and I need to grow up while following me.

I had no energy the pain made me feel as if I was going to pass out. I ended up having a massive asthma attack. My asthma attack freaked him out I guess. He took everything back and apologized. But I have been in bad relationships before and this is how it started everytime.

I'm scared. What's next?

Is he going to hit me or cheat on me?

Idk. Now he has been making comments about him wanting to fuck me and trying to but I cant bare to look at him anymore or even to talk to him. 😭