Close minded/stubborn IN-LAWS!!!

My partner and I are currently TTC again for our first child. I will be undergoing my second

<a href="">IUI</a>

procedure next month and my wife is just as excited 😊.

However, I have voiced a major concern to my wife about her side of the family embracing our future child. I’m Puerto Rican and my wife is black.

I feel like my wife’s side won’t embrace our child because (she or he) will be light skinned and not resemble them. Her brother already showed his ignorant ass by making comments to my wife that hurt her feelings about her even being gay and how it was basically a choice. On top of that I moved to her home state TEXAS which is the Bible Belt State and her family are super religious. Although they are nice to my face I still feel that disconnect from them when I’m around them. Yes I’ve expressed all this to my wife but she can mediate but so much. I just feel like we are all adults (Myself, mother in-law and brother-in-law,) to have respect and acknowledgement on some level. It’s been a little over 3 years now that we’ve been married.

If this doesn’t change soon, I already made the decision to prevent our child to feel as if she/he is the black sheep in her extended family.

It’s one thing for me to feel like an outcast but it’s a different ball game when it comes to children involved. And I’ll be DAMN to allow that.