So confused...and disappointed


So this is my 5th month trying to conceive. I have been using the Ovulation Kits and testing my BBT but I got too stressed out with the BBT and switched back to the Ovulation kits. I started testing on Thursday. Thursday and low fertility and then the next 5 days including today were high fertility, i started checking 2x a day when i hit high fertility so that when it was peak I didn’t miss any time. I came home from work today and tested and it was low fertility. I was so confused that I used a different reader from the last kit and that said high fertility and then that really confused me so I had one more reader in my drawer and I did that one and it was low again. I’m guessing I am not ovulating this month. I was just wondering if it could be that maybe we already conceived and there is no reason to ovulate? I know it’s probably that I just am not going to ovulate but I wanted to put it out here to check.