Kaylani Jae’s Birth Story 10/15/18

Vay • Mommy of Three ♥️ Laniya, Kayden && Kaylani

Soo let me start by saying Last year I went to New Orleans with my sister, sister in law and best friend for my sisters birthday. We decided to see a Psychic ... i mean we were in NO so why not lol. I kid you not she told me I was ment to have three kids and my last would be born before the end of the year and here we are 2 1/2 months Left of The year and My 3rd kiddo was born.. She is my second girl ... so Sunday night im putting my son to bed he falls asleep and i felt and hear a Pop.. I didn’t think anything of it but decided to roll outta bed and stand up. I stood up and there goes my water rolling down my leg. It started slow and then after about 3 small gushes a big gush happened and it just wouldn’t stop. Arrived soak and wet to the hospital and got set up in triage around 12:30 Am on the 15th. Confirmed my water and I was already 5 CM dilated. She was still at -3 station tho. So they admitted me and let me labor on my own .. about 4 am contractions started getting longer and really strong but I was only at a 6 so at about 5 I got the epidural and they started Pitocin at about 5:30 . I started feeling so much pressure by 7:15 . Checked I was 9CM but she was still High ... so they wanted her to move down on her own at 8 I told them my body was pushing checked again I was fully dilated she was at 0 . I told them I had to push they werent trying to let me just yet because my son had shoulder Dystocia from me pushing him while he was still high and wasn’t ready. But This girl was ready 4 pushes and she slid all the way out at 8:20 . She was 7 pounds 4oz and 21 inches long . Super long lol. She is amazing little trouble breastfeeding but we will get it. Thank you