Feeling blah.


Hey all. It’s my first time posting here so I thought I’d ask all my plus size beautiful mommies for advice. I have one son who is almost 5. I’ve gained around 75lbs since having him. He had a rough start at life and it spiraled from there. I was a single mom for a long time but finally met the love of my life. We’re wanting to start trying for another baby but I’m 385 lbs. I’ve struggled to get that number down.

I’m two days late for my period, hot flashes, Migraine, dizziness and exhaustion have been my life the past three days. I also feel crampy down there and super sensitive (emotionally and physically) lol.

I honestly forgot what it’s like at the beginning of pregnancy lol when should I test? Also how much did you weigh when you conceived and is there anything that might getting pregnant easier? (: