Am I pregnant????

I’m supposed to start my period today! I always have it like clockwork, not only the day, but also it always shows up in the morning. Nothing! All I have is lots and lots of creamy cm-like soaking my panties! I’ve been showing regular signs of pms, but I’ve had really weird stuff happen to that I don’t understand at all! I’ve been wicked sensitive to smells, like to the point I’ve thrown up in my mouth! I’ve been extremely nauseous, dizzy and light headed for about a week or so straight! Yesterday, I thought I smelled and tasted blood, but like the irony metallic taste! I can’t explain that! There was no blood anywhere! I’ve also been wicked tired, like, on the couch all day! My husband actually has to help me do things and get things for me cuz I just can’t do it! At the same time, like, 3 days out of the last 5 I’ve had wicked insomnia! I took a test this morning and it was negative! WTH is going on with me?