Ladies, I could use some help


I'm using my girlfriends Glow here lol. I have a question for y'all. My girlfriend told me tonight that she wasn't feeling pretty much anymore. I guess all women go thru that at times. But there was something in her voice that I knew was off. I asked her why and she just told me that she didn't really know. Well y'all that bothered me. Still bothers me. I think shes gorgeous. She has a beautiful soul and heart. Her smile lights up my world. I love to look at her. She's just the most beautiful thing to me. But to hear that she doesnt see herself that way, that stopped me in my tracks. She used to be so full of self confidence and so sure if herself. Its one of the things I love about her. But shes not anymore. I'm not sure what to do from here. I do know she has gone thru a lot lately. We have been together a bit over a year and she was a virgin when we got together but she was so open to me and trusted me with all of her, now shes very self conscious at times. We werent together long when we had a mishap and she took that morning after pill. She was a bit emotional after that. She said one time that she felt like we may have given up on something that coukd have been great. But we got thru it. Then around this time last year, we thought she was pregnant. I honestly thought she was. She done everything my sister done when she was pregnant. She wasn't too happy to start with. But we talked one night and she was able to really let out why. Just worried was her main problem. I made sure she knew I was there either way and I wasn't going anywhere. She got excited. She made an appointment with the doctor. She went. They done a test and when it came back, it came back negative. And she fell all to pieces. Her heart broke into a million pieces y'all. It almost tore me up. But slowly she started to be okay. She still struggled. She said that she seen a little girl in a white and yellow sun dress running up to me and calling me daddy and I swung her around and we were laughing... But when the doctor told her "negative" she said its like someone just ripped that from her. She will talk about it but doesn't seem to be thrilled about it. Which I truly understand. Since, we have been working non stop to get another car on the road and get in a place of our own. She is working, taking care of her ungrateful grandmother, taking care of 4 pets and a 3 bedroom house. She has a lot on her plate. So is this what's bothering her? Is all this whats got her feeling like she does? I try to help where I can. With everything going on these days, our sex life has suffered too. Could that be a cause too? With us working and trying to get out of here, im just too tired for it lol. And I can look at her and know she is too. Both of us are working 6 days a week. Me Monday thru Saturday and her Tuesday thru Sunday so there is rarely a day we spend all day together. She has taken days off and I have too just to see and spend time together. Is that maybe something too? I just need some help because shes not that woman anymore. I love her more than anything. And knowing how she feels that kills me. I knew something wasn't right but once it came out, it's like the light in her is dull. I just want to help. Any ideas?