Just need to vent. I am so tired. My son has silent reflux and constant pain from gas. He is currently on reflux medications. I give him gas drops and i just started giving him a probiotic. I hate when it’s bedtime. He hardly sleeps. He will only sleep 15-40 minutes stretches for most of the night. If we are lucky he will go an hour in half but then won’t go back down for another 30 minutes to an hour. Some nights he just screams from the gas pain. When we finally do get him asleep and lay him down he either wakes up because of his reflux or because he has another wet diaper for the hundredth time. I’m exhausted and at night I question if I made the right choice by becoming a parent. During the day I can manage my tiredness and love being his mom. My husband works and I’m on maternity leave so he helps out when he can at night but right now most of the night time responsibilities are falling on me. My son is breastfed so even when my husband does help there’s only so much he can due before I need to wake up because the baby is hungry. My son is almost 5 weeks old and has been going through a growth spurt for a few weeks now. I’m just feeling defeated every single night. I’m mentally and physically exhausted. I know it will get better and don’t really care to hear that it will eventually get better. I know this and frankly I am sick of hearing it. I’m struggling right now In these emotions and just need to express myself.