Finally had baby girl at 40weeks 1 day

It’s crazy because contractions felt just like Braxton Hicks but strong ones and they started out the day before being 15 min apart but I still kept timing them then the next day they sort of went away I got a sweep Monday then boom 12am hit and they were about two minutes apart enough not to let me sleep took a long hot shower that made the pain kind of go away and I couldn’t take the pain to even rest so I got ready to go I didn’t care if they sent me home. At my sweep I was still a 1cm open when I got to the hospital I was at a 3cm they made me walk and barely made it to the hallway with my water bursting then went to 4cm. Every hr after that I opened 2cms and by 8 it was time to push had her at 9:29am it all went by so fast! I was able to get the epidural at 4cm contractions were every minute and after that I didn’t feel a thing. It’s crazy how it started out just like how Braxton Hicks feel I was expecting them to feel different but it definitely was painful. Here’s my baby girl Allison raelyn