I feel different tonight ... 39+4


First of all, I was starving today, extremely hungry. I even cried when dinner was a bit late, but all day I felt the same. Can hunger be a sign of labor? 😄

I felt a small gush of water when I was tossing at turning (at my usual 3am wake up time!), I ran to the bathroom but couldn’t tell if it was just pee. Then I had slight cramping when I went back to bed (I haven’t had any cramps yet).

I decided to get up, and felt another gush as I was walking, checked on it again and can’t see anything on my pad.

Now I’m sitting on my glider and felt another one. I’m just waiting to see if I’ll have more before checking on it.

Possibly I lost all bladder control, or maybe my water is starting to leak a little ...


Finally I checked and there was some fresh blood with small amount of mucus.

An hour later I had a bigger gush followed by a cramp, and some small amount of pink blood.

Pretty sure things are starting!


At L&D, it was definitely my water, admitted! Still my contractions are too far apart. Also they haven’t checked how dilated I am. But baby is definitely coming today 😄


It’s now 1:10pm and still not having regular painful contractions ... worried it might end up being an induction 😓


Now it is 4:40pm, just got checked, 2cm dilated and 90% effaced. Still not having regular contractions... they will probably start pitocin soon 🤦🏻‍♀️