Gender preference.

A B 💗

I’ve noticed that in 2018, we still casually talk about girl babies as a let down. Am I the only one ?

I’m having a boy, but when asked what I wanted I said I just wanted a healthy child. People would badger me and be like “okay that’s what they all say, really want do you want” I would be like: “really I don’t mind either way!”.

I used to think I wanted boys because I had a dream about it 🙄 but when I got pregnant I didn’t care either way!

People have literally said to me “OH thank god you aren’t having a girl” a woman said that to me. Another woman 😮

Also, the whole “girls are so much harder” are they ? Or do we just write that narrative over and over again to the point that women are harder to raise.

Maybe if little girls didn’t feel less valued from LITERALLY birth. Things would be different 🤷🏻‍♀️