Postpartum Depression


Background -

I’m 35 - single and probably will be forever - apparently not wife material?! 🙁 I have 4 kids ages 13 girl, 11 1/2 boy, 10 boy and 7days old. My mom lives with us and is helpful but is Eastern European so she is set in her ways on how things should be done and doesn’t understand how I could possibly be depressed?! 🤔 I don’t have a “support” group or friends I can go out with or confide in. I feel alone even though have 4 kids and am busy with their soccer, school and music.

I had my baby girl 10/12/18 a beautiful perfect little baby so I feel blessed for sure - however let me be real - I love reading these sweet posts with everyone’s new additions and your experiences wether “easy” or traumatic.

Am I the only one who had depressed mood beginning day 4 postpartum?! I cried almost all day - seriously deep feeling of grief which caused tears to flow like waterfall 😭 still depressed today 1 week postpart and tearful though out the day - would call my doc but “talk” therapy won’t help and I don’t want to be on meds since baby is getting breast milk via pump - she won’t latch on well and doesn’t want to work too hard for her food. The pumping is exhausting but she’s eating and sleeping very well for a little one.

It seems like most of the posts I read of ladies with their newborns are happy happy happy - what the hell is wrong with me?!