Teenage periods and weight gain/loss


Hi I’m Maddie and I’m from Sheffield uk and I’m 13(nearly 14 ) . Ever sonce I started my period just over a year ago I’ve been on and off weirdly. I’ll go 3 months without having one then I come on . Or sometimes will have one every 28 days as they say is normal . I understand that they say that everyone’s periods are different but was anyone else like this, is so is there any ways to make It so its on a ‘ schedule’

As well I want to talk about how to lose weight as a teen when I was 12 I was about 5ft 2-3 inches tall and I weighted nearly 11 stone . Me and my family went on holiday and I was so embarrassed to wear a bikini but I did then about May-June time this year With myself I was unhappy unhealthy and felt disgusting. So I started to lose weight go on my trampoline more for exerscise and try harder in PE ( physical education ) in about 3 month i went from 10st 10lbs to 10st 3lbs . I started to feel better in myself because I knew that I had lost the weight . But now being nearly 3 months since I weighed myself I started getting back into my old habits and I feel gross with myself again because I beaver lost the flab that was left on my stomach . Since I am only a teenage does anyone know how to lose the flab and stop the habits . Id know your experiences and if any of you had the same symptoms ( I guess you could call it ) with the periods

Just thought I’d add a few pictures of what I look like now to show u what I mean ( ignore the lines on my stomach I was laid funny on something )