A question for those who have eloped?


Did you ever regret not having a big traditional wedding? What are some regrets you had? What are some things you loved about your elopement? If you could do it all over again what would you add to it? My fiancé and i have started to plan a wedding... as a little girl i always pictured a big extravagant wedding... Even up till now i did. Elopement crossed my mind multiple times and at first i brushed it off thinking i couldnt possibly do it. As time goes on it keeps popping into my mind. Ive brought it up to my fiancé and weve joked about it but both of us kind of like the idea. I dream about escaping to the mountains with immediate family and having a little, intimate ceremony with an amazing view of the canadian rockies. We got engaged in banff and the idea of being married there makes me super emotional. Neither of us have a lot of friends and im not super close with my extended family so not having them there for my special day isnt an issue for me. I can see my family going for a nice dinner after and we all celebrate with some drinks. I was looking into elopement packages and they are WAY cheaper than having a huge wedding... plus with no reception it cuts the cost down by a lot..We want to put a down payment on a house pretty soon and the cost of a huge wedding is only going to prolong that. To me a wedding needs to be special but i think over time my definition of special has changed. It doesnt mean we need to have a giant wedding with our whole family and all our friend groups.. it just needs to feel special to us. Something more intimate and romantic is more our style. I just want to be married to him. I still want a white dress... i still want a photographer to capture the moment...i still want to recite vows and i still want a first dance... but all of that does not mean i have to have a big wedding. Im worried if i elope i may regret not having the wedding i dreamt of as a little girl...but im not sure if i will. I need advice ladies!