So I’ve been chatting with this guy for about some time now and things have gotten frisky. He has sent me a couple pictures and videos and keeps demanding that I do the same after I made it pretty clear that I’m not comfortable exposing my whole body to him esp when we live in different states. I’m feeling a little dumb for having some feelings for him and that’s because I miss having someone to talk to and having a little something to look forward to each day. The last few times we exchanged pictures he went a bit too far with his anger and said he regret sending me an explicit video of himself because I didn’t do the same. I never asked for it and I never said I’d send something like that. I just need some lady advice... I know there are all sorts of red flags here but for some odd reason I’m into him... or maybe it’s just the idea of having someone. I’d appreciate any advice on how to handle the situation. Thanks ladies 💞