I miss a woman’s touch!


Well, for starters- I’m a relationship- With a man. AND I’m pregnant. Although I love my boyfriend dearly- I miss being with a woman 😩.. I’m bisexual and he knows it, but he always tell me I’m “just ‘very open’. So my ‘yearn’ for women is just a little phase I like going through”😒.... Little does he know- I’ve been in serious ‘situation-ships’ with quite a few females before I met him!! I miss being around a lady. Having her touch me.. Me touch her.. the conversations.. everything.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with my man (although we constantly fight every other day) but sometimes I feel like I need more, perhaps, BOTH.

It has become such a damn dilemma. That I often become angry about it. My friends & strangers tell me it’s just my ‘hormones’ 🙄 raging because I’m pregnant. But it’s more than that- I honestly miss chicks! Before my pregnancy, my boyfriend.. I did what ever I wanted, when I wanted. NOW... shit, now, I feel like there’s no use.

Like even IF my man were to ‘allow’ me to have some fun (wink wink) for a night with a special lady. She wouldn’t even be up for it. She’ll most likely would be turned off because I’m pregnant & disgusted that I’m ‘cheating’.. Ugh, I guess I’ll just have to keep pipe dreaming... 😣